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Santa likes the cumbia. #Orale #OnlyinMexico #Creesmahs (at Tecate Six La Flor #1)

New favorite wine.

Here’s to you… Here’s to me… (at Loma Dorada)

These steps and mural are about a mile up the beach from our house. That’s where we usually sit and enjoy almejas and ceviche made by Yiyo, the guy on a bike at the top of the stairs. He was closed today, but still came out to enjoy the view. (at Playa Hermosa Escalones)

These steps and the community mural are about a mile up the beach. This is where we sit and enjoy our crevice made by Yiyo, the guy on the bike at the top right of the steps. He’s closed Mon/Tue, but still comes out to enjoy the view. (at Blvd. Costero)

Barrels of Bouganvillea (at Vinicola Santo Tomas)

Clamato & Tecate #Baja #beer #Ensenada #sockmonkeyphotobomb (at La Taberna)

Climate & Tecate #Baja #beer #Ensenada #sockmonkeyphotobomb (at La Taberna)

And all the little Mexican kids go, Mmmmm…

Met this cute guy at dinner tonight. #k58 #lafonda

Riding on the Beach #Ensenada (at Malecon)

…in the Raw

I Jade You (at Ensenada Port)

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